Message from Geraldine

Today my girlfriend, Geraldine wants to say something here. So here she is.

Konnichiwa !!! Watashi wa Geraldine desu.Please excuse me but i'm gonna write into english now, i just know a few Japanese words, i hope you don't mind ^^;

Ano... i've met Tsu last year on John 5's site and quickly we became friends and close. Later we felt in love each other and i saw him in real last February in Japan. My very first trip there ! That was absolutly fabulous and he was so nice with me (my personnal translator and guide). We still keep in touch and he came for 3 weeks in my country, from Sept 6th to 26th.
Yeah of course, i guess some of you may think that's a bit stupid to fall in love "virtualy" demo we have met now twice in just several months, and everything between us is ok ! So don't be worried about, we're fine and we hope it will be continued that way for a long time ^___^

Thanx for reading that message. I wish it wasn't difficult for you to understand.

Kisses from France !!!

PS: if only i could come back again in Japan T_T, i love that country so much !!!

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