So much fun !

Hey dudes !
My old buddy, Matt, and I am having fun this weekend with him in Nagoya. He came down to Nagoya to see me and his uncle last Friday and stay in my apartment. I went to see him at Bus Center near Nagoya station with my friend, Yuki. We spent night together, playing billiard, watching dvd and chatting. That was extreamly fun ! We both miss our old days. Matt is a really good billiard player. I beated only twice. Shit I need to practice. Needless to say, it's great to have old buddy to spend together. Shame ! It's way bad weather this weekend. It sucks.

Hey we went to see Sumo this afternoon. It was so interesting and fun even for me. It was first time to see Sumo match. That was great. I'm not a big Sumo fan, but I liked atmosphere of it. All people kept their eyes on the ring. Some screamed player's name, other just yelled. Great ! We are a part of it. And it was good experience.

He leaves at 2pm tomorrow for Matsumoto. I wish he could stay longer, hopefully one more night. I might visit him in a few weeks before he goes home, I mean getting back to The States in August. It must be great to visit him in Matsumoto. I should ask Yuki joining us.

The typhoon is getting closer and the weather is getting worse now. Tomorow morning will be way worse. Take care of all of you. Talk to you later, dudes !!



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