I don't like a hypothetically speaking, but ...

I really don't like a hypothetically speaking, but let me say this today.
If I live alone like I used to, I was definitely dead last week. As I wrote in previous entry, I had a duodenal ulcer and was hopitalized. That was terrible experience.

If I was alone at the time, I would take it on the chin until running out because I thought it was just a strong stomach ache when it happened. Would you go to see the doctor if you have just stomach ache ? I'm sure you would say no. So do I. I would stay in bed or do other things to wait for getting over it.

Fortunately, My wife was there with me and took me to the doctor. Yeah now you know what I wanted to say here. I believe she saved my life. She just did what she had to do for it normally, but it saved me. If I thank her a million times, it's never get enough !

Thank you, Yuki ! Love ya !



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