Beautiful Pics

いよいよこの日から、行動開始。小雨の降った後、Roman TheatersとFourviere Basilicaを見に行った。

Rainbow Lyon 2

Rainbow Lyon 3

Rainbow Lyon 1





Ooooh those are beautiful wiht rainbows behind *___*, i'm unpatient to get mine tomorrow !
They are my favorite pictures on my trip. It's amazing, isn't it? We saw this beautiful view together!!! I feel like it was just yesterday.
I'm looking forward to seeing pictures from your camere too ^^
Konnichiwa !!! Elsa desu X3
I saw your blog on keiko's blog ^^
These pictures are beautiful *.* (with the rainbow .. wah )
Thanks a lot Za'
Bonjour Za'

Thanks for your visiting my blog and comment^^
So pleasure to hear from you!! I took many pictures in France and will post them here soon.
I hope we can meet in France next time or in Japan ^^
Ouais, yatta !!! Za est avec nous ^________^
Ravie de voir que tu postes sur son blog, en espérant que l'anglais te décourages pas !

Gomen, i wrote into French lol
any languages is okay
That's okay. You can leave whatever you want to talk here in any languages ^^
Awww d'accord ! You're so nice ^_____^
You know what I am very well ^^
Konnichiwa ^^'
Hi everybody! i'm darkarchangel (or illegalou ^^') I don't know if i can write on your blog Tsu, but I'm very curious... ^^"
That's strange but... I don't understand anything lol
I hope you enjoyed your trip in France, and that you'll come back soon! I'd really like to meet you ^^ Geraldine is telling so nicel thinks about "his Tsu" ^^ You're sooo cute together ^^
Waiting for the next photos ^^"
Bye...oups... Sayonara! (that's better, isn't it?! XD)
You are always welcome here
Bonjour darkarchangel!!
You are always welcome here and of couse you can post your comment ^^
Oui I really enjoyed visiting France. It was an amazing experience. There're so many things on my trip that it takes time to talk about all of them. I'll post some pictures on this blog as well.
Merci beaucoup for your compliment about us ^^ Maybe you should join us next time !! It must be fun.
Thanks for your comment ^^
Talk to you soon!!



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