First Gig

Good evening dudes,

As mentioned in my previous entry, I'd been considering if I join Iron Maiden's gig for some reasons. You can guess my decision. Yes, I was there tonight. I hesitated to jump into it during this period, but I was so exhausted mentally and physically (don't worry I'm okay physically) that I really needed for a switch. When I decided, I realized Francoise doesn't want me to live in sorrow. That was what I said to Geraldine. How ironic ! So I did to change my mood. Befor digging into this entry, I should appreciate my buddy helped me to get the ticket. It was a pretty good seat, 5th row from the stage ! Thanks a lot !

Needless to say, the band was brilliant !! They sounded way better than cd !! They played all songs from new cd in order and some classics. When I joined singing the intro of 'The Fear Of The Dark', I felt adrenaline rushed through my entire body.
I'll tell you funny thing, though not about the gig. My tears fell down from my eyes at the moment. It's hard to explain, but my tears fall down when I got the feeling far beyond expression. When I'm way too happy, I tear. I'm so glad, I tear. Sad, I tear. It's weird, isn't it ? I don't mean I cry all the time. The tear fall down a little bit when I express my 'too much' feeling. I guess it's only outlet I got. It started about 5 or 6 years ago, by the way.
Let's back to the gig, all members run across the stage, not Nico, he needs to settle in the drum kit. I couldn't believe they are so energic ! They are already around 50 yrs old !! I'm sure I wouldn't be able to run like them when I got 50. And Eddie !! He's always cool !
At the end of the gig, they throwed guitar picks, drum sticks and water bottles etc etc... I got Dave's guitar pick !! It was under the seat of front row and no one noticed it. That was lucky !

On the train to my flat, I remembered it was the first gig I've joined in Nagoya. Also it's already been a year since I moved to this city. I remember many things tonight. Of cause, remembered I love Heavy Metal music !!! *double horns*








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